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How to Use Kangen Water® 8.5pH - 9.5pH

by: Dave Carpenter, N.D., C. Ac., C.C.I.
 Dr. Dave Carpenter explains the uses of the various waters which are produced by the Kangen Water Machine by Enagic.  He draws upon his years of medical practice, and his many years of using the Enagic machine personally, and with his patients, to provide guidelines and information which can be helpful for many situations.

The Enagic Kangen Water® Ionized Water Generator technology produces seven different types of water…three different levels of alkaline Kangen Drinking Water, Clean Water, Beauty Water, Strong Alkaline Water and Strong Acidic Water. Although Kangen Water has special properties…it does not cure anything. It has however, been shown to assist the body in creating better balance or homeostasis. To help achieve this homeostasis I’ve found the approaches and information listed below to be helpful.





Getting Started Drinking Kangen Water®

It is recommended that everyone who chooses to drink Kangen Water start by drinking the 8.5 pH water. The Kangen Water is obtained by pushing the blue button on the front of the machine. Multiple pushes will move you through the three different levels of the Kangen Water that are produced. This water is dispensed through the TOP flexible hose.

Drink at least ½ of your body weight in ounces each day. If you do physically demanding work, participate in strenuous athletics, or are dealing with “sickness issues”…you need to drink more Kangen Water to help your body move towards and achieve homeostasis. In these situations, it is recommended that you drink at least ¾ of your body weight in ounces, and drinking 1 ounce per pound of body weight per day produces real miracles. It is my observation that those people who drink a minimum of ¾ of their body weight in ounces of Kangen Water per day see the quickest results.

After successfully drinking the suggested amount of 8.5 pH water for two weeks (“successfully” means that you are not experiencing any discomfort while drinking the water…other than frequency of urination), then you may choose to increase the water pH level up to the 9.0 pH setting. Continue drinking the suggested amount of water at this setting each day for at least two more weeks.

After successfully drinking the suggested amount of 9.0 pH water (again meaning that you are not experiencing any discomfort while drinking the water other than frequency of urination) then you may choose to increase the water pH level up to the 9.5 pH setting.


Cleansing Symptoms


Occasionally we find people that experience “cleansing” symptoms. These are typically caused by the body releasing stored toxins and acidic wastes. IF you experience any “cleansing” types of symptoms (such as headaches, skin eruptions, loose bowels, coughing, etc.) when you start on the 8.5 pH water, then you should increase the amount of water you are drinking to help neutralize and flush the toxins from your system. If you experience these symptoms after increasing the pH of the water you are consuming, then go back to the last pH setting that you were able to drink without experiencing these symptoms and increase the amount of water that you consume until these symptoms stop. There is no prize for getting to the 9.5 pH water quicker than someone else.